ANN: All You Proxies! (Rev-made funny cartoon-thingie)

Andre Garzia soapdog at
Mon Sep 27 21:45:25 EDT 2004


thanks! =)

I'll make the font bigger... it works fine in a mac, I just tried in 
windows, and I can't read it...

I'll turn that in a REAL tutorial in couple days... and it will be 
interactive meaning the phasers will work! :D


On Sep 27, 2004, at 10:38 PM, Mark Wieder wrote:

> Andre-
> Monday, September 27, 2004, 5:09:13 PM, you wrote:
> AG> Sit, Watch and please give me feedback! =)
> Andre, you have way too much time on your hands.
> OK - feedback: the tiny print is really hard to read, and the tiny
> purple print is all but impossible. It might be useful to explain how
> the proxy fits into the firewall scenario by redirecting net traffic
> that evil administrators have closed off to direct access. And also
> why this redirection is bad if you think you're getting one thing and
> actually end up somewhere else.
> Secondly, how do you play? I kept trying to fire the phasers at the
> proxy but I never seemed to hit it...
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