Shall I scrap the idea?

david at david at
Mon Sep 27 17:49:47 EDT 2004

Andre Garzia wrote:

> I can try to help! I am grounded home today! what are we coding? 

It's not for 3 weeks Andre! So we got time to plan that. The date is 
Saturday 16th. Objective is to code the most impressive thing we can to 
show off what Rev can do in a day + should be something people want. Now 
my suggestion was that this could be something like coding a functional 
video editor - with scrollable timelines etc - one that could also 
upload files via ftp. Super fun would be to implement the BitTorent 
protocol - but that's a wee bit demanding :)

Are you available that day? The key will be to respond rapidly to 
whatever requests the workshop on the day may have for features to be 
built into the app? That i think will be the impressive bit.

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