Prototype or production?

david at david at
Mon Sep 27 14:06:11 EDT 2004

To be fair RunRev have done a pretty good job - especially compared to 
the MetaCard marketing attempts :)

VHD wrote:

>The sceptic in me is wondering why runrev is not mentioned more frequently on the tech sites I frequent. If it is as good as it claims (which I tend to believe after spending a lot of time researching), why aren't more people using and talking about this product?
>I think that it may be (partly) due to its "mac" background and is therefore not taken seriously by windows, developers...?
No I don't think that's much of an issue. I think they are getting there 
- but they hold a strange middle ground. From Unix to user friendly 
peoples tool. personally i don't think they make as much use of the Unix 
pedigree. This would be best done by forging connections with open 
source communities IMO. Interesting that you came across it on a perl site?

>Would be interested to know what your thoughts are on this?
>Being a marketing consultant myself (who enjoys programming too) I wonder whether they could not use a different tack to significantly increase their market share.
Simply put I believe RunRev should have a well thought out open source 

Anyway that's what I work on :)  It's fun getting shot down by both the 
open source purists and the proprietary focused business model people. 
In the middle there be unexplored turf.

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