Prototype or production?

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Mon Sep 27 11:51:07 EDT 2004

VHD wrote:

 >>Prototypes? Well usually you prototype an application in RunRev
 >>and this one becomes the final version in most cases.
 > OK this is was I thought, but wanted to make sure. (Perhaps
 > they should remove the word "prototype" from their marketing
 > material as it is a bit confusing.)

Great feedback.  Sometimes we don't see the forest for the trees:  I'd 
never noticed the prominence of "prototype" in their marketing, but now 
that you mention it I see that the first line about Rev at their site is:

     Prototype & design using rapid-build tools

That does indeed imply a design-time solution only, and may -- as it did 
for you -- give the impression that final implementation and deployment 
must take place in another tool.

While Rev is sometimes used just for prototyping, most of the time it's 
used for all aspects of the development cycle.

Hopefully the folks at RunRev will seize this opportunity to fine-tune 
the copy at the site to better emphasize the breadth of the product's 

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