"Lock screen" not working on a Windows standalone

Phil Jimmieson P.Jimmieson at csc.liv.ac.uk
Mon Sep 27 06:39:45 EDT 2004

>I have a single stack project made with Rev 2.5 that has arrow 
>buttons for moving from one card to another. A simple:
>lock screen
>set lockmessages to true
>go next
>unlock screen with visual effect scroll right to card
>works very well in a Mac standalone. However, when I click the arrow 
>button in the corresponding  Windows standalone, the next card 
>immediately appears and only _after_ that does the visual effect 
>appear. So a user on Windows will see the next card _prior_ to the 
>seeing the illusion of the next card sliding into view. Not very 
>slick! Apparently, the "lock screen" command has not really locked 
>the screen before the "go next" command was carried out.
>I tried a different visual effect, but that did not help the 
>problem. Has anyone else seen this problem? Any solutions or 

Hi Bruce,
I bugzilla'd this problem in 2.2, and it's supposed to have been 
fixed in 2.5 (although since I don't have 2.5 myself yet, I can't 
confirm this).


One workaround was not to use QuickTime to do the transitions, but 
the non-QT transitions aren't so pleasing on the eye. Another 
suggestion was to change the stack's alwaysbuffer property, but that 
didn't fix it in 2.2. Maybe you can try it in 2.5?

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