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> Hi, 
> I just tried out Rev 2.5 and am having several problems with quirks in the XP
> interface look and feel.
> First, sometimes the orange highlight which appears when the mouse is over a
> button "sticks" to that button after the stack has been closed. I can
> reproduce this 
> by opening a stack as a modal dialog, and clicking on a button which closes
> the 
> stack. The next time the stack is opened, the orange highlight is STILL around
> the 
> button that was used to close the stack, eventhough the mouse is not over that
> button. Only after the mouse is passed over the button does the highlight
> dissapear. 

This is a bug that apparently already existed in Rev 2.2 (but I guess no one
noticed). You can get around it by putting this script in your modal dialog:

on preOpenCard
  send "Redraw" to me in 20 milliseconds
  pass preOpenCard
end preOpenCard

on Redraw
  lock screen
  unlock screen
end Redraw

Note that you can't put the lock/unlock in the preOpencard or opencard
handlers - apparently it needs enough time to complete handlers before this
trick will work (hence the "send").

> The second problem is that a black box is appearing around the clicked line in
> list 
> boxes. In the case where multiple lines are selected in a list box, the black
> box 
> appears around the line most recently clicked. What is with that?? Is there a
> way to 
> get rid of this box?

This is a bug that was introduced in the latest engine (it doesn't happen in
2.2). You can get around it by setting the field's 'traversalOn' to false.
> Also I noticed that the default text font or size or something has been
> changed. The 
> text in some of my fields runs outside of the bounds of the field which
> definately 
> did not happen before. Also the vertical alignment or the margins seem to be
> different. This is fine; I can just realign everything manually, but is this
> consistent now if the stack / standalone is run on a Windows 98 machine? Or is
> everything going to be misaligned on 98 if I realign it for the new XP look
> and feel? 

This one I couldn't replicate based on the info you provided. Can you be a
bit more specific? I can then track it down and see why it's happening.

BTW: Please log these into Bugzilla; if you can't let me know and I'll log
them for you.


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