Way to retrieve creator-type of OS X files?

JonathanC at ag.nsw.gov.au JonathanC at ag.nsw.gov.au
Thu Sep 23 06:34:58 EDT 2004

D'oh! Once again, I have written a reply while disconnected from the 
Internet (on a train) and have forgotten to send it once I am connected 
again. Now, one week late, here is my reply to Richard Gaskin's email:


Just a slight modification to Richard Gaskin's fwMacFileType() function, 
to handle the case where a file has no file creator/type (e.g. many HTML 

  put last item of line tLine of tFileList into tType
(in the 5th-last line)
  put item 11 of line tLine of tFileList into tType


Jonathan Cooper
Manager of Information / Website
Art Gallery of New South Wales
Sydney, Australia

Richard Gaskin wrote on 16/09/2004 09:04:34 PM:

> Robert Brenstein wrote:
> > Theoretically, you should be able to use Rinaldi's externals GetFInfo 
> > and SetFInfo. I say theoretically because GetFInfo causes a hard crash 

> > and both Frederic and RunRev folks blame the other (see bug 855). 
> > Furthermore, there are no OSX versions of those externals.
> > 
> > IMHO it would be reasonable to support platform-specific features like 

> > these through an external.
> Simple enough to script -- I wrote this one to get just the file type, 
> but could easily be extended to include creator code:
> function fwMacFileType pPath
>    local tSaveDir, tShortFileName, tFileList, tLine, tType
>    --
>    put the directory into tSaveDir
>    set the itemdel to "/"
>    put the last item of pPath into tShortFileName
>    delete last item of pPath
>    set the directory to pPath
>    put the detailed files into tFileList
>    put lineoffset(cr&urlEncode(tShortFileName)&comma, 
>   into tLine
>    if tLine > 0 then
>      set the itemdel to comma
>      put last item of line tLine of tFileList into tType
>    end if
>    set the directory to tSaveDir
>    return tType
> end fwMacFileType
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