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Alejandro Tejada capellan2000 at
Sat Sep 25 20:25:26 EDT 2004

on Sat, 25 Sep 2004

Jesse Sng wrote:

> That seems to be the case with Safari. It's
> returning html tags 
> instead of styled text.

Hmmm, in Windows 98, Mozilla Firefox
does not copy to the clipboard
fully styled text (Text with colors, 
links, bold or italic... etc) just plain text.

Internet Explorer allows me to copy or drag and drop
fully styled text into a field of a stack,
but I noticed that the text in the field does not
get the typefont specified in the html text 
or rtf text, if that is the case.

For example, i dragged styled Times Roman text
from a webpage to a field in a stack, and the
only attribute that do not get copied was the 
Times typeface that stays as Arial in the field.

I read the rtf text of the clipboard as Ken
Ray suggested before:

put the clipboarddata[rtf] 

and it contains a reference to Times New Roman, 
it's size and style.

Is this a bug or a feature?


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