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Mark Wieder mwieder at
Thu Sep 23 11:29:34 EDT 2004


The goofy contents-view thing is one of the many default folder options that
can and should be changed in Windows machines. When I can't convince
my clients to upgrade their OS (and even when I can) I always go in
and change the default settings for them to give them some protection
from viruses and cut down on some of the Windows confusion. They'll
thank me later.

Open up a Windows explorer window - you'll find these under the Tools
| Folder Options menu: go to the General tab and deselect all the Web
content junk. Then select the Offline files tab and make sure Enable
Offline Files is deselected. Go to the View tab and change "Hidden
files and folders" to Show, *uncheck* the "Hide file extensions for
known file types", and uncheck "Hide protected operating system files"
(you'll get a warning, but do it anyway). Then click the "Like Current
Folder" button.

I don't have a Win98 installation any more so I'm doing this from
memory and looking at a win2k computer, but I could swear this worked
for the Windows folder there as well, and I think the "protected
operating system files" setting is the key there. The default setting
for "file extensions for known file types" is one of the main ways
viruses propagate.

Trevor, I realize this probably doesn't help your situation unless you
have some control over the client system.

-Mark Wieder
 mwieder at

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