Sidescroller games?

Malte Brill malte.brill at
Thu Sep 23 07:16:41 EDT 2004

Hi Klaus,

a sidescroller game is any game that has content scrolling horizontally.
Normally some nice background GFX scroll from left to right. This are
normally shooters or jump´n´run games. If one sets up the background as a
group one can easiely create a tile based engine. Just take some 20*20 Pixel
GFX snippets in a set of grouped buttons and create a map with it. :-)

Scrolling of groups makes it simple to create some type of PARALLAX
scrolling. That´s different groups scrolling at different speeds.
This leads to a nice 3D (or 2.5 D to be exact) effect.

Maybe there is time that we can discuss these topics in detail on Malta.



Wir teilen uns wohl ein Zimmer hat Sims gesagt. Pack also schon mal ein Kilo
Oropax ein. Ich schnarche. <ggg>



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