Sidescroller games?

Klaus Major klaus at
Thu Sep 23 08:33:36 EDT 2004

Hi Malte,

> Hi Klaus,
> a sidescroller game is any game that has content scrolling 
> horizontally.
> Normally some nice background GFX scroll from left to right. This are
> normally shooters or jump´n´run games. If one sets up the background 
> as a
> group one can easiely create a tile based engine. Just take some 20*20 
> Pixel
> GFX snippets in a set of grouped buttons and create a map with it. :-)
> Scrolling of groups makes it simple to create some type of PARALLAX
> scrolling. That´s different groups scrolling at different speeds.
> This leads to a nice 3D (or 2.5 D to be exact) effect.

thanks a lot...

I guessed, but was not sure...

> Maybe there is time that we can discuss these topics in detail on 
> Malta.

Sure!!! :-)

> :-)
> BTW:
> Wir teilen uns wohl ein Zimmer hat Sims gesagt. Pack also schon mal 
> ein Kilo
> Oropax ein. Ich schnarche. <ggg>

Ich auch :-D

> best,
> Malte


Klaus Major
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