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Trevor DeVore lists at
Wed Sep 22 18:57:29 EDT 2004

On Sep 22, 2004, at 3:43 PM, Ken Ray wrote:
> You can keep your joy - this works all the way back to Windows 95 (I 
> tested
> it). The only thing that might stifle a bit of your joy is that if you 
> are
> trying to reveal a file that is in a protected folder (or in the case 
> of a
> basic Windows 98 install, anything in the Windows directory), it will 
> open
> the folder that owns the file you're trying to reveal and stop dead in 
> its
> tracks.
> I tested:
>   explorer.exe /select,"c:\windows\notepad.exe"
> going back to Windows 95 and it worked fine except for Windows 98 that
> opened the Windows folder and showed the goofy "To view the contents 
> of this
> folder, click Show Files" warning...
> Cool tip, Trevor!

Thanks for checking this out Ken.  I can live with the protected folder 
stuff (I say that now but I bet next project I will need to get around 
that ;-).

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