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>>>> One interesting possibility would be to add PAD file generation to 
>>>> the
>>>> standalone builder. It could generate the correct format for he 
>>>> platform
>>>> it's building for. Perhaps it's worth atting to bugzilla as an
>> enhancement??
>>> I'd vote for it, once the PAD standard is enhanced to accomodate the
>>> same range of platforms.
>>> --
>>>  Richard Gaskin
>>>  Fourth World Media Corporation
>> So you are suggesting that some of us should get involved with the
>> PAD project and submit enhancements to accomodate Macs and
>> multiplatform deployment, right?
> I've been poking around the news group and I can't see such a 
> discussion
> occuring. What's the subject of the thread?
> Cheers
> Monte


I downloaded MacPADEdit 1.0 from the web, and it had checkboxes for all 
sorts of release platforms -- Windows, Linux, BSD, Mac OS, Mac OS X, 
etc. -- and I was able to generate a PAD file that showed my product as 
being released on Windows XP/2000 and Mac OS X.

What issue are you having with the PAD format?

-- Frank

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