how Revolution did in programming contest: 82nd percentile

Andre Garzia soapdog at
Tue Sep 21 14:21:14 EDT 2004

On Sep 21, 2004, at 11:39 AM, Mark Brownell wrote:

>> Back in June my son and I entered a programming contest.  He was a 
>> strategist and I did the Transcript programming


I tried participating the contest some years ago with a scheme source, 
it's nice to see Transcript making better than OCaml. You and your son 
should receive our sincere cumpliments! it's a great thing for all 
xTalkers to know that we can compete with chances in the programming 
contest arena. By the way, ever thought of writing a postmortem about 
this project.


Andre Alves Garzia ð 2004 ð BRAZIL

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