[OT] PAD files, MacPAD, and you

Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Mon Sep 20 20:38:29 EDT 2004

Andre Garzia wrote:

 > I am using MacPAD since Ricardo emailed me a year ago, we could
 > coin a stack to write PAD files in no time... MacPAD files are
 > plist files, "PC" PAD files are XML based too but with a different
 > spec. Both are easy.

But exactly half as easy as supporting both.  :)  And neither accounts 
for multi-platform deployments.

The bigger issue here is not so much about technical ease of writing 
simple XML documents, but the further marginalization of the Mac 
platform by creating yet another non-standard standard that lowers the 
likelihood that Win-only sites will consider adding Mac listings.

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