mp3/wma in Rev?

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Excellent!  Thanks Klaus (and Ludovic).
I have to admit that I am struggling with the Rev documentation - the
content appears inaccurate - it says to look for a list of Player messages
and properties using the "Show" menu in the Documentation window.  As far as
I can tell there is no such list.  A search for "player properties" or
"player messages" only takes me back to the "player object" listing that
contains only the original pointer.    Can someone point me to a list of
Player messages/properties?
Also, does anyone know of a way to create a playlist or to play all files in
a directory?
P.S. The Rev documentation also references an "Animation Builder" that does
not seem to exist...


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Hi Carl,

> Hi all,
> I was wondering if there is any way to play mp3 or wma files from
> within Rev
> (ideally without instantiating an external player.)

mp3 can be played with or without* quicktime in a player object.
WMA are not supported right out of the box...

*on Windows

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