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Geoff Canyon gcanyon at inspiredlogic.com
Sun Sep 19 12:34:04 EDT 2004

The cantmodify of (rev)Navigator is false, and I still don't have any 
problems. Are you _sure_ the name isn't being checked? For example, the 
Message Box can't be dropped on and it is both visible and modifiable.


Geoff Canyon
gcanyon at inspiredlogic.com

On Sep 18, 2004, at 1:11 AM, FlexibleLearning at aol.com wrote:

> RevTools only checks for visibility and modifiability. If your stack is
> immune, one must be true. The name of the stack is not trapped. This 
> is in 2.61
> build 9.
> Geoff/Jacque: Are we using the same version?
> /H
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