Jay Madren JaysLists at
Sat Sep 18 00:17:00 EDT 2004

I for one would love to see your library.  I have been contemplating doing
this myself, but yours would eliminate that work or at least give me a
better starting point.  Then that would free up more time for me to attempt
my ultimate goal of a code (re)generating template system for Rev!

Jay Madren

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From: Trevor DeVore
Sent: Friday, September 17, 2004 17:05
To: How to use Revolution

If you are you want to bypass the Query Builder I have a library which
handles connections to multiple databases, puts data returned from a
sql statement into an array, updates the db from arrays, etc.  It
drastically reduces the amount of code you have to write.  I plan on
doing a tutorial and examples eventually but I haven't had time yet and
if you are interested in going this route it would give me a good
excuse to get started :-)

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