use bottomRight of scroll fld to resize

HyperChris at HyperChris at
Fri Sep 17 17:57:03 EDT 2004

Hello all,

I like these horizontal AND vertical scroll fields but curiously they have 
this little square in the lower right corner that does nothing. I needed a user 
resizable scroll field for my project so I used mouseMove to make that little 
corner into a grab point . Here is the card script to make any field, with 
both H and V scrollbars, use that corner as a grabpoint ...

on mouseMove pNewMouseH,pNewMouseV
   global gClickOffsetH,gCickOffsetV,gClickFieldNum
   if the mouse is up then
     put "" into gClickOffsetH
     put "" into gCickOffsetV
     put 0 into gClickFieldNum
   else if gClickOffsetH is empty then
     put theGrabTarget(pNewMouseH,pNewMouseV) into gClickFieldNum
     if gClickFieldNum=0 then exit mouseMove
     put the right of fld gClickFieldNum - pNewMouseH into gClickOffsetH
     put the bottom of fld gClickFieldNum - pNewMouseV into gCickOffsetV
     get pNewMouseH+gClickOffsetH &comma& pNewMouseV+gCickOffsetV
     if the optionKey is down
     then set the bottomRight of fld gClickFieldNum to it
     else set the rect of fld gClickFieldNum to \
     (the topLeft of fld gClickFieldNum &comma& it)
   end if
end mouseMove

function theGrabTarget pNewMouseH,pNewMouseV
   repeat with x=1 to number of fields
     if not (the hScrollBar of fld x and the vScrollBar of fld x)
     then next repeat
     put the scrollBarWidth of fld x into tGrabSize
     get (the right of fld x - tGrabSize) &comma& \
     (the bottom of fld x - tGrabSize) &comma& bottomRight of fld x
     if (pNewMouseH &comma& pNewMouseV) is within it then return x
   end repeat
   return 0
end theGrabTarget

... and you can type this in your msg box to see an example ...
go stack URL ""

If you like 'grabbin and draggin' then this is a good intro to using 
mouseMove. Feel free to weigh in with suggestions as there are always better ways !


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