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Frank D. Engel, Jr. fde101 at
Fri Sep 17 17:44:24 EDT 2004

Since it is more important for auto-update to have connectivity to your 
server than to any other, I would likely just start checking for 
available updates and silently "give up" if there is an error (or give 
up with an error message if the update was triggered manually, assuming 
you intend to offer that feature).

Maybe have a checkbox in a preferences window somewhere as to whether 
or not automatic updates should be attempted, then prompt if there is 
an update to ask the user if it should be installed or not.

On Sep 17, 2004, at 4:32 PM, Chris Sheffield wrote:

> I would probably need to make the auto-updating an option because it's
> possible that people will be using this software in their homes, and 
> might
> not have an "always-on" Internet connection.  What's the best way to 
> check
> for an active Internet connection?  Should I try to open a socket to a 
> web
> site, or is it better just to attempt to download some file, and if it
> fails, I would know there's no connection?
> Thanks for the suggestions,
> Chris Sheffield
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