FTPUploadFile only works 2nd try

RGould8 at aol.com RGould8 at aol.com
Fri Sep 17 13:52:53 EDT 2004

In a message dated 9/17/04 1:49:28 PM, fde101 at fjrhome.net writes:

> Where your code reads:
> > if the result contains "error" then
> >      put "Drats!   It didn't connect.   We'll try a second time... :"
> > & error
> Shouldn't that be:
>    put "....." & the result
> ???

I should have clarified - - - I did put the result in previous tests, and 
it's just "error"   

The question I have is - - - if the FTP server is slow/sludgy, is it possible 
that the libURLFTPUploadFile command times out?   And if so, is there a way I 
get work around this?   I'm just finding that the first-time an upload attemp 
is made, it fails, but subsequent times, it succeeds, which makes me think 
that Rev "remembers" the connection/authentification and keeps it open for the 
2nd try.

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