Flash/QuickTime interaction with Revolution

Van Esch, Stephen (Bolton) svanesch at husky.ca
Thu Sep 16 14:54:21 EDT 2004


>Then you must know that generally Flash is what is used to give 
Director ease of handling Unicode. Since Director support the most 
current version of Flash natively, as well as OpenGL, and XML...

Exactly right. But while Flash will display XML and Unicode docs,
manipulating large swaths of styled text (including tables, graphics, and
captions) is not possible (as far as I know). It's easy enough to bring in
plain text with some minor style tweaks but the whole nine-yards using XSLT
transformations is out of the question (again, as far as I know).

So what's shaping up to be the only possible solution that will work
effectively, support Unicode, hook in to the operating system, look good,
and include all the database integration and search gadgets we need is a web
page embedded in Rev, Director, or iShell. The underlying browser engine
will handle the transformations and Flash while the app will hook into the
operating system and perform a great deal of the legwork.

Which opens up a whole other can of worms because the standard browser on
Windows (IE 5 or 5.5) uses a non-valid XSLT renderer which throws a wrench
in the works because we want to work with proper XML and a valid DTD.

I think this may have wandered a little too far off-topic but you can see
the frustration I'm having with this project. My ideal solution is a single
app that handles all animation, language support, XML search, database
search, XSLT transformations, and interactivity without relying on an
embedded browser or special plug-ins. High hopes, I know.

Thanks for all your input so far. More tomorrow.


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