General Question From Potential User

Willie Moore wmoore at
Wed Sep 15 12:35:38 EDT 2004

I am just starting to evaluate Revolution and Real Basic for business
use.  I was hoping for some input in regards to comparing the two
products.  I am initially leaning toward Revolution, in part of because
the information that I have read so far states that the Transcript
language is both easy to learn, and very efficent thereby reducing the
amount of code that would have to be written.  Also, I am looking for
information about Revolution's drag and drop abilities.  In example,
could I use it to create an application for either the pc or mac that
would do two things:
1)  Allow me to drap a selection of multiple files onto it, have it copy
those files to a specific directory and then show the contents of that
directory inother window.
2)  List the contents of a directory in a window, then allow me to
select one or more files from that window and drag them to the desktop

I have already ordered "Software at the Speed of Thought: Volume 1" and
am waiting for its delivery.  Are there any other books that could help
me get up to speed and learn what the software can/can not do?

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