Inconsistent Behavior of Lists

Dan Shafer revdan at
Wed Sep 15 12:15:10 EDT 2004

OK, I think I've uncovered an anomaly in the way Rev handles/parses 
list items that cost me about four hours of work last night. I want to 
confirm that: (a) I'm right; and (b) this is a bug before I go any 

Here's a recipe that demonstrates the anomaly. Create a card with three 
fields and a button. Put this script into the button:

on mouseUp
   put field 1 into list1
   put field 2 into list2
   put item 2 of list1 into temp
   put item 2 of list2 into temp1
   put temp && len(temp) into field 3
   put return & temp1 && len(temp1) after field 3
  end mouseUp

In field 1, put this list:


In field 2, put the same list, but separate the elements by spaces:

a="1", b="2", c="3"

(I used fields for the test so I could try different formats; you 
probably get the same results from stuffing lists into the variables 
directly, but that's not relevant in my situaton anyway.)

Now run the script.

You'll see that in parsing the script in field 2, Rev takes the space 
between the comma and the first value in the name-value pair as 
significant. This should not be the case based on my long experience 
with lists in other languages. That is, the two lists in the two fields 
above should parse identically.


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