How could i install RR/MC in Linspire OS (Debian Linux)?

Frank D. Engel, Jr. fde101 at
Wed Sep 15 10:32:42 EDT 2004

There is no installer that I know of for the Mac, at least not for OS 
X; you just drag & drop the app's folder to wherever you want it.  As 
for associations, there is no work to do.  File type information is 
stored as part of the app bundle, so it "just works" -- double-click a 
.rev file, and it opens in Revolution automatically.  Right-click (or 
control-click), and "Open With" lists multiple versions of Rev, 
Dreamcard Player, etc. if you have them installed anywhere, you just 
pick the one you want to use.

This is very nice, because you can even move the application around on 
the hard drive, or to a different hard drive or whatever, and it still 
"just works."

On Sep 14, 2004, at 10:56 PM, Jay Madren wrote:

> Well, on Windows you can use Folder Options from the control panel or a
> Windows Explorer window.  But I haven't done it because I don't really 
> care
> for that functionality.
> I take it from your comment that the file associations are done
> automatically by the installer on Macs?  (Since I know it's not done in
> Windows or Linux, then I assumed you are using it on a Mac)
> Jay Madren
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> Jay Madren wrote:
>>>> I just will like that most of the Linux programs
>>>> were that easy to install! ;-)
>>> How does it handle the customary file type associations, icons, and
>>> installation into the Start menu on KDE and Gnome?
>> The same way I do in Windows.  I don't use the installer, I just use 
>> the
> zip
>> file, unzip it, and create a shortcut (actually I just modify the 
>> existing
>> shortcut).  All the installer does is create a program group 
>> (shortcuts)
> and
>> register the uninstaller in the registry.  There are no file 
>> associations.
> So setting up the MIME types is left up to the user to do manually?
> How does the user double-click a .rev file and have it launch Rev?
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