Display a simple stack.

Klaus Major klaus at major-k.de
Sun Sep 12 13:12:18 EDT 2004

Hi Ryno,

> For my little School Yearbook project, I am developing a stack 
> measuring 800 x 600 pixels. When I tested it at the school though, 
> often the stack would not fit into the monitor display, particularly 
> frustrating as I then lose my set of buttons along the top edge of the 
> card, and parents would not be able to simply exit. It is a simple 
> matter for the user to reset the screen resolution, but many would not 
> know how (I am thinking of Windows here)
> I remember reading that many scripters do not like to fiddle with 
> peoples' monitors from within the stack. I also would not like to make 
> the stack too small, so it looks terrible at good resolution.
> Is there some simple solution? I would also like for the stack to open 
> in the middle of the screen (and, what I forgot to mention in my 
> simplePrint message, to print in the middle of the page, or to fill 
> the page).
> Thanks,

you will have to take these things into account:

the Windows-TASKBAR
the size of the window titlebar
the border of the stackwindow

There is a list of these things somewhere on the net, but i don't 
remember where...

Any hints, listers?

Hope that helps...

> Ryno.

Tot dan...

Klaus Major
klaus at major-k.de

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