Add, delete and edit cards to a stack via CGI

Gregory Lypny gregory.lypny at
Thu Sep 9 21:00:35 EDT 2004

Hello everyone,

Jacqueline's Fiction Search example uses a text script cgi to search a 
stack and display the results.  Is it possible for users to add, 
delete, and records in a similar database-like stack by posting from a 
web form?  My intuition tells me that the answer to this is no because 
that would involve GUI commands such as Create Card, Delete Card, and 
Save Stack (permissions).  Am I correct?  If so, I guess the way to 
build a database for which users have full privileges to create, 
delete, and edit records, is to have all the information stored in text 
files and to use stacks, as Jacqueline recommends, to implement the CGI 



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