Add, delete and edit cards to a stack via CGI

Gregory Lypny gregory.lypny at
Fri Sep 10 08:30:31 EDT 2004

Thank you for the confirmation, Jacqueline.  Now I think I understand 
the use of stacks in CGI projects.  They are a convenient and safe 
place to develop and run CGI scripts, as an alternative to text file 
CGI scripts, or to access existing information as read-only databases, 
but they cannot, or at least not easily, be run as stacks in the usual 
sense with the card metaphor and the revision of the contents of 

That's fine.  It just means storing database records in related text 
files and having the CGI stacks work with those.  Revolution is very 
good at handling text files in any case, and their portability is 
probably an added benefit.


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> On 9/9/04 8:00 PM, Gregory Lypny wrote:
>> Hello everyone,
>> Jacqueline's Fiction Search example uses a text script cgi to search a
>> stack and display the results.  Is it possible for users to add, 
>> delete,
>> and records in a similar database-like stack by posting from a web
>> form?  My intuition tells me that the answer to this is no because 
>> that
>> would involve GUI commands such as Create Card, Delete Card, and Save
>> Stack (permissions).  Am I correct?

On Sep 10, 2004, at 1:22 AM, Jacqueline responded:
> I can create and delete cards, but I can't save the stack. Regardless 
> of
> the permissions set for the stack or where it is placed, the engine
> needs to create a temporary backup file, and it can't do that. Or at
> least, I can't make it do that. I also tried putting the save command 
> in
> a closestack handler in the stack's script (didn't work,) as well as a
> custom handler that the cgi calls, but that doesn't work either.
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