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Klaus Major klaus at major-k.de
Fri Sep 10 05:53:47 EDT 2004

Bon jour Thierry,

> Hello all,
> i've developped a kind of wee-IDE  to manage
> the edition and compilation of scripts to be able
> to drive a Laboratory Automation Workstation.
>  In the first version, for every script  ( laboratory experiment )
>  i had a folder with few files and folders.
>  Now, i would like to make a stack for every experiment; such a stack
>  will contains the Datas of all the old files using custom properties; 
> but
>  nothing more ( no user interface ).
>  The size can be from 100kb up to 2 Mbyte of texts by stack.
>  Would like to manage around  100 of these stacks.
>  So, in the IDE, would like to be able to see the hundred stacks name
> in one field; so the user can choose one of them with one click.
>  My question is How to manage a list of all these stacks
>  without putting them into RAM, except when the user choose One.
>  Any tricks, ideas will be very much welcomed :-)

OK, i am sure you know that a list field will be the solution for the 
of all available files...?! ;-)

When the user clicks, you can retrieve any custom property of that stack
WITHOUT opening that stack!

Of course that stack will be read into memory, but with almost no 
overhead and
no part of that stack will be visible!


A list-field with lots of filenames of your stacks...

Now put something like this into the script of that list-field:

on mouseup
    put the selectedtext of me into target_file
    put the whatsoever of stack target_file into yadda
    ## do something with yadda :-)
end mouseup

You get the picture...

Hope that helps...

> Regards, thierry

Au revoir

Klaus Major
klaus at major-k.de

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