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> Hi Jan,
>>> I get:
>>> error -Error with certificate at depth: 1  issuer
>>> = /C=US/O=VeriSign,
>>> Inc./OU=Class 3 Public Primary Certification
>>> Authority  subject  =
>>> /O=VeriSign Trust Network/OU=VeriSign,
>>> Inc./OU=VeriSign International
>>> Server CA - Class 3/
>>> LTD.(c)97 VeriSign  err 20:unable to get local
>>> issuer certificate
> This is in "the result" of course, field 1 is empty.

Interesting.  Anyone know if getting this error will preclude data 
being returned from the https connection?  For example, I can imagine 
having a web server where I didn't bother getting a Verisign (or other) 
certificate, but I still wanted to get and put data over an https 

-- Frank

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