Rev cgi, PostgreSQL and standalones

Robert Brenstein rjb at
Thu Sep 9 06:11:24 EDT 2004

>Hello Alejandro,
>I'm a little confused about a so kindly congratulations. Thank you ;)
>I plan to write 80 pages about the subject in the first quarter of 
>2005, freely available to the MC/Rev community and, if possible, to 
>find a fench publisher interested in printing a paper issue 
>dedicated to help to let know more about the Rev based "n-tier" apps 
>Best Regards, Pierre

Praise is quite in order. However, Pierre, could it be too much to 
ask to combine your list posts and convert into a short comprehensive 
info for us to use sooner? You have really given lots of useful 
tidbits over time but as others stated the info is spread in 
different emails and varying level of detail, thus hard to use. 
Having it all together would be greatly appreciated.

Robert Brenstein

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