More on Revolution as a CGI Server on OS X

Gregory Lypny gregory.lypny at
Wed Sep 8 15:38:43 EDT 2004

Hello again,

Well, it works marvellously.  But as always, questions arise.

1.  Extracting information from individual cards.  I just want to 
confirm that in using stack handlers, we can refer to objects but we 
cannot go to them.  So, for example, I have found that

	go to card 2
	put fld "Password"

does not work, but

	put fld "Password" of card 2

does.  Is the second way the only way that will work?  If not, is there 
a better way?

2.	File locations.  I would like to be able to keep by cgi script files 
and stacks in a folder nested within the CGI-Executables folder, but I 
can't seem to get the paths right in my cgi scripts.  If I put the 
stack and the cgi script in a subfolder named "Pareto-CGI" of 
CGI-Executables and reference the stack as below, I get a server error. 
  What am I doing wrong?


on startup
start using stack "/Pareto-CGI/Subject Registry.rev"
end startup



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