Why 7Mb?

Wilhelm Sanke sanke at hrz.uni-kassel.de
Tue Sep 7 15:42:25 EDT 2004

Thank you, Troy and Dan, for your comments.

Your points are taken here and accepted as plausible explanations of 
what the designers of the Dreamcard Player may have had in mind.

In the meantime, at least the *download* size of the Player has indeed 
been cut into half - only 3.7 MB now - and the Rev team has acknowledged 
that the  Readme file for the Windows version was misleading; here is 
the new text for the Windows version:

> Windows:
> Select "Revolution Dreamcard Player" from the appropriate Start Menu 
> item if you installed the player using the exe file 
> (dreamcardplayersetup.exe). If you have unzipped the player using the 
> zip file (dreamcardplayer.zip) then in the "Revolution Dreamcard 
> Player" folder there will be an shortcut called "Revolution Dreamcard 
> Player". This shortcut assumes that you have unzipped the player into 
> "C:\Program Files\Revolution Dreamcard Player". If this is not the 
> case you will need to modify the path and start up directories in the 
> shortcut accordingly. Do not attempt to run "Revolution.exe" as 
> nothing will happen.

It remains, however, as strange behavior (i.e. deviant from the norm), 
that you cannot start the Revolution.exe file of the Dreamcard Player by 
directly clicking on the icon (as I had also described it in my post).

And, the mouse cursors are still missing when you move the mouse over 
the area of an opened stack.

The Rev team would surely benefit from some more testing especially on 
the Windows platform..


Wilhelm Sanke

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