Externals in OS X

Hershel Fisch hershrev at realtorsgroup.us
Wed Sep 8 13:54:28 EDT 2004

On Wednesday, September 8, 2004, at 10:06 AM, Frank D. Engel, Jr. wrote:

> Are you using the library, not the database query builder?  Then 
> right, the ID number is only valid after a connection is opened with 
> that running instance of the program.  A new connection needs to be 
> reopened by *each* *instance* of your IDE or standalone, and the ID 
> number may or may not be the same between them.  The connection is 
> only "visible" within a running copy of the IDE or standalone.  
> Opening a connection from 2.2 will not open that connection from 2.5 
> -- even if you have both IDEs running at the same time.  You have to 
> open the connection within 2.5 if you want to use it from 2.5, and 
> quitting the IDE closes the connection, so you would need to open it 
> again each time you start the IDE (or your standalone), and the ID 
> number may be different.
I figured that could be the problem.
Then I though I should open the connection with the shell() function, 
but I wish I'd know how this thing works.(how to get to the point to 
issue a SQL.) besides the fact that I played around a bit with the 
shell() function and, I don't know , it doesn't seem to work the way I 
suspected .
May needed to change the shell to a different shell, tch or ssh or 
> I have had no problems working with PostgreSQL from Rev 2.2.1 and OS X 
> (X.3 now, but X.2 previously), except in dealing with blobs (which is 
> bugzilla'd, of course...)  I generally set things up like this:
Yes , with 2.2 I have no problem . great job done by RR . I believe 2.5 
will be fixed soon.
> In the stack script's preOpenStack handler, a login button's mouseUp 
> handler, or whatever:
> set the database of this stack to revOpenDatabase("PostgreSQL", 
> "localhost", "myDatabase", "myUsername", "myPassword")
> (after obvious substitutions)
More or less I do the same thing

global gDbid
on openStack
   put revOpenDatabase("PostgreSQL","","myDbName,","userName",) 
into gDbid
   and some additional scripts
end openStack

Thanks, Hershel
> When closing the stack, logging out, or whatever:
> revCloseDatabase the database of this stack
> When querying the database:
> put revQueryDatabase(the database of this stack, "SELECT * FROM 
> myTable") into q
> And so on.
>> that is the db I'm using and can't get it to work at all. I also 
>> tried to connected with 2.2 and get the id number and use it with 2.5 
>> but,  error, not a valid connection id. I'm forced to use 2.2 , well 
>> hopefully not for to long I hope it'll be fixed very soon.
>> Hersh
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