ANN: FTP Commander (the ftp browser Frank asked for...)

Frank D. Engel, Jr. fde101 at
Wed Sep 8 12:55:53 EDT 2004

Not true.  You simply wait for the port number to be handed to you by 
the passive mode server, then tell the active mode server to connect to 
that port number, with the server's IP address (which the server also 
gives you as part of the transaction process).

The passive mode server provides an IP address and port number to which 
a connection should be made.  The active mode server requests one.  
Just give the active mode server the information obtained from the 
passive mode server.

> I don't think so, unless you're talking about spoofing the IP headers
> at the packet level. In ftp passive mode the server opens a random
> port within an assigned range for transactions with the client. Even
> if you managed to pick off that port and pass it to a second server,
> the second one would have to start the handshaking protocol all over
> again and a new random port would be opened on the server.

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