Externals in OS X

Monte Goulding monte at sweattechnologies.com
Tue Sep 7 22:27:20 EDT 2004

>>>> I am trying to compile an app which uses MySQL but it won't work.
>>> This one still doesn't work.
>>> When I add a button to tell me the externals of the mainStack, it
>>> comes
>>> back empty.
>>> When I test to see which stacks are in use, it shows me two stacks: my
>>> own mainStack that I put into use to try and get the SQL library
>>> accessible to other stacks, and one called "revExternalLibrary"
>>> Monte: is this part of the same problem, or should I bugzilla this as
>>> a
>>> separate database externals problem?
>> Hmm... looks like revdb.bundle isn't being copied. It's a separate
>> issue.
>That bundle is copied. Looking in the package, this is what I see:
>Contents folder
>  info.plist
>  PkgInfo
>  Resources folder
>   Revolution.icns
>   RevolutionDoc.icns
>  MacOS folder
>   my app
>   all my substacks
>   externals folder
>    revdb.bundle
>    database_drivers folder
>     dbmysql folder
>      Contents folder
>       info.plist
>       pbdevelopment.plist
>       Resources folder
>        English.lprof folder
>         InfoPlist.strings
>       MacOS folder
>        dbmysql
>Do you want me to bugzilla any of this?

Well... it's good practice to use bugzilla. In theory I shouldn't be
responding here because bugs aren't the purpose of this list. It's also good
to have a record of the issue.

PS see my other email



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