It's Time to Fix This Installation Stuff, Guys

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Tue Sep 7 22:01:01 EDT 2004

Andre Garzia wrote:
> in the meantime, would it be hard for us to create a "migrator" stack 
> that would pick license.rev, the plugins and other important stuff and 
> merge with other Rev folder? I think we could do this, then if we 
> reinstall rev, press a button on the migrator stack, puf, cloned 
> instalation... :D

Andre, your energy and enthusiasm is enviable, but there already exists 
such a mechanism:  following the OS guidelines on the storage of user data.

As per RunRev's presentation at their SF seminar, storing prefs in the 
Preferences folder (and "Documents and Settings" on Win) is the best way 
to go and is easy to do.

As for things like plugins, in the MC IDE our Plugin Manager allows the 
user to use any folder they like for their plugins.  This allows the 
developer to keep their plugins outside of the IDE folder, and it will 
continue to work from version to version.  It would not be hard for Rev 
to add that to their prefs as well.

So as much as I'm initially attracted to the idea of a migrator, since 
we're talking about moving from one version of the product to another 
version of the same product it should not be hard for the vendor of the 
product to address the problem directly, using the methods they 
recommend for others.

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