It's Time to Fix This Installation Stuff, Guys

Dan Shafer revdan at
Tue Sep 7 20:15:05 EDT 2004

I realize RunRev has limited resources.

I realize that there are probably higher priorities.

But, really, guys, how hard would it be to finally fix the installation 
process so it was smooth? I am so tired of downloading a new version 
(latest incident was the Build 2 of 2.5), then having to copy all my 
Plug-ins and other stuff over to the new app folder (which is a pain 
but perhaps difficult to automate). But what *really* bugs me is having 
to re-register the product and reset my preferences every time I 
upgrade or do a reinstall (especially since reinstalling has become a 
multiple-times-per-week chore since I started pushing the envelope a 

Isn't this really a matter of storing some of this information like 
prefs and license key in a folder that doesn't get overwritten by a new 
installation? How hard can that be?

If I required my customers to go through these kinds of hoops every 
time I upgraded their software, they'd tar and feather me.



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