Menu maddness

Sarah Reichelt sarahr at
Tue Sep 7 18:41:40 EDT 2004

On 8 Sep 2004, at 5:52 am, Meitnik at wrote:

> I am finally working on menubars. I downloaded the menubar.pdf and its
> basicly a rehash of whats in docs, thus not much help, maybe for a 
> very simple app.
> I looked at other help docs from others too. I finally figured out 
> this much:
>    set the topleft of stack "myMenubar" to 0,0
>    set the width of stack "myMenubar" to item 3 of screenrect() -- 
> height is
> 22
>    if platform() = "win32"
>    then toplevel stack "mymenubar"
>    else
>      set the menubar of stack "mymenubar" to short name of grp 1 of 
> stack
> "mymenubar"
>      set the defaultMenubar to the short name of grp 1 of stack 
> "mymenubar"
>    end if
> ok, now this works but I dont see how to get back to IDE for further 
> working
> with my project. Any commnents or suggestions are welcomed. my hair is 
> getting
> thiner..:((
> am willing to rewrite fully...
> Andrew

I think your problem is with the defaultMenubar. Once you set that, the 
menubar you specify is used is ALL stacks, even the Rev IDE ones. You 
really only need to set the menubar for a particular stack.
e.g. set the menubar of stack "myMainStack" to "MyMenu"

To get out of this situation, I find clicking in the revMenubar usually 
brings back the real Rev menu items.


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