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Alex Tweedly alex at tweedly.net
Tue Sep 7 14:58:09 EDT 2004

At 07:42 07/09/2004 -0700, Jim Hurley wrote:

>I tried to look into the POP3 library but now find that I can't access 
>RevNet. I get a proxy format error. I tried as suggested 
>earlier on this list but to no avail.
>The person who would be using the program is a Windows user. So 
>Applescript is out.
>Unfortunately, my experience with POP is weak.

No ideas on the RevNet issue. The POP library is Sarah Reichelt's - can be 
found at www.troz.net/Rev   It comes with a good documentation, and an 
example/demo stack showing how to use it.

I don't think you'll have much problem using the POP library - depending of 
course on what you need to do with the mail. The big question is whether or 
not that's a good point in the "life" of the email to intercept it. If the 
user simply reads (and automatically deletes) his email, then you might 
miss them. I can use the utility I am writing for my own mail because I set 
my Eudora up to "leave mail in server" for a few days - so even if I read 
mail, it's still on the POP server for the utility to pick up later.

I've written a few POP/mail handling or intercepting utilities - so if you 
want to describe what you're doing and how it needs to fit in, I'd be happy 
to try to help (either off-list or on, whichever you prefer).

-- Alex.

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