How to delete a sub-stack from a main stack

Klaus Major klaus at
Tue Sep 7 09:31:26 EDT 2004

Hi kee,

> A while back, Klaus Major indicated that in the message box I have to 
> type the following command where stackA is the current mainstack, and 
> stackB is the sub-stack stuck inside it.
> set the mainstack of stack "stackB" of stack "stackA" to "stackB"

And he was so right :-D

> I tried this and in the application browser it does move the sub-stack 
> to the left so that it appears to be equal in status to the existing 
> main stack. I saved the main stack and then quit Revolution. Then when 
> re-opening the main stack (re-launching Revolution) the sub-stack is 
> now gone.
> So this seems to have deleted the sub-stack from the main stack.

I am not sure what you need exactly, so here are some general hints
using the Application Browser/Inspector...

To make a substack a mainstack on its own:

Select the substack in the AB...
In the inspector for this stack go to "Basic properties" and select the 
name of that
namely substack in the popup button "Main Stack"...
Et voila, it is removed from its former mainstack and is its own 
mainstack now :-)

I have not yet found a way to clone a substack without using the 
messagebox or
my nice "2lz2" palette ;-)

> Thanks everyone for the assistance.
> Kee Nethery
> Still interested in a way to copy the sub-stack out of the main stack 
> so that it becomes a full main stack on it's own.

You mean a COPY? So the mainstack still has that substack?

Then use "the clone stack xyz" command...
This will make a copy AND that will become a mainstack by itself...

Use the messagebox:

lock messages; clone stadck xyz of stack zxy
##in case it is a substack

Hope this helps...

Drop a line if not ;-)


Klaus Major
klaus at

How far is the KAGI Rev module, if i may ask? ;-)

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