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On 9/6/04 12:04 PM, James Spencer wrote:

> I can copy the main stack's group by temporarily making it a windows 
> style menu (on the card) selecting the group and copying it and then 
> restoring the main stack's menu to the top of the screen.  I can then 
> paste this into the substack but, of course, it appears on the card and 
> when I set it to be at the top of the screen,  Rev moves my content up. 
>  Problem, of course is that I didn't forsee a problem in copying the 
> menu bar so I didn't leave space at the top of the card and I'm losing 
> part of my content.  I've tried variations of this some of which at 
> least show the menus but Menu Builder won't edit them.

That's how menus work on Macs; you need to make room on the card for 
them. You can see an explanation about it here:


The next page in the tutorial after this one is called "Adding a Menu 
Bar" and does what you are looking for. There is a handler script in 
there called "pushdown" that will move all your objects down for you and 
make a space for a previously unplanned menubar.

You might want to look at some of the other sections in the tutorial 
too, as it explains some of the differences between how HyperCard and 
Revolution work.

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