Passing flds as Parameters?

Ken Ray kray at
Mon Sep 6 20:13:35 EDT 2004

On 9/6/04 7:01 PM, "Arthur Urban" <aturban at> wrote:

> How can I pass a fld in a send command and still retain the multiple lines
> of that fld? I'm trying the following:
>    send "hander" && fld "f" to btn "b"
> This only sends line 1 of the fld. If I try:
>    send "handler" && quote & fld "f" & quote to btn "b"
> then I get all the lines but unwanted quote marks. How do others handle this
> situation?

Arthur, I set up two fields and two buttons. In the first field I put a
bunch of text (multiple lines).

The script of btn 1 was:

on mouseUp
  send "doIt" && fld 1 to btn 2
end mouseUp

The script of btn 2 was:

on DoIt pWhat
  put pWhat into fld 2
end DoIt

I then clicked button 1 and my text appeared in fld 2, multiple lines and
all. Perhaps it's something else?

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