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Mon Sep 6 18:29:59 EDT 2004

On Sep 6, 2004, at 3:14 PM, David Egbert wrote:

> I'm trying to implement a status window in an app I'm building.
> I'd like to user to click a "Process" button and have the app open a 
> status window indicating the status of the stuff they are processing 
> (with a progress bar, cancel button, and other useful information). 
> The main script for the processing is located in a sub stack where the 
> main interface is located. I thought I could just open the status 
> stack, have a button on that stack that sets a global to cancel the 
> process, and have the processing script check the global each time it 
> processes an item.  Here's basically what the processing script looks 
> like:
> repeat with x = 1 to theNumberOfItems
> 	global gCancelStuff
> 	processStuff theItem
> 	if gCancelStuff is true then exit to top
> end repeat
> The problem is the script prevents all interaction to buttons until it 
> has completed processing all of the items. Is there a way to script it 
> so the Cancel button can be clicked (and the process aborted)? Is 
> there an example stack somewhere I can learn from?


Maybe try using send rather than a repeat loop.  Something like the 
following may give you the results you are after.

local sNumberOfItems
local sItemCounter

on startProcessing
	put 20 into sNumberOfItems
	put 0 into sItemCounter

	send "processStuff" to me in 0 seconds
end startProcessing

on processStuf
	add 1 to sItemCounter

	-- do stuff to item sItemCounter
	if sItemCounter < sNumberOfItems AND gCancelStuff <> true then
		send "processStuff" to me in 10 milliseconds
	end if
end processStuff

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