Scrollbars and LittleArrows

J. Landman Gay jacque at
Mon Sep 6 00:47:23 EDT 2004

On 9/5/04 7:22 PM, Arthur Urban wrote:

 >> From the docs:
 >>"If the style of the scrollbar is scrollbar or progress, the maximum
 >>value of the thumbPosition is the scrollbar's endValue minus
 >>the thumbSize."
 > Well that sounds like what I would have wanted, but it appears that 
the docs
 > aren't entirely accurate. I'm looking at two littlearrow controls 
that are
 > behaving as if they are scrollbars. I just checked the property 
 > and both come up little arrow. Oh well...

Sorry, I should have explained more. Little arrows are really just a 
variant of a regular scrollbar. We didn't used to have them as a 
separate object; we used to have to resize a regular scrollbar until its 
bar disappeared. I suspect this is still how Rev does it internally, 
with the addition of smaller arrow icons.

The suggestion to set the thumbsize to 0 is cool, and is something I 
hadn't thought of. Kind of clever, actually.

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