responding to clicks in QT wired sprites?

Klaus Major klaus at
Mon Sep 6 06:27:14 EDT 2004

Hi Richard,

> Is there any way to translate clicks on wired sprites inside a QT 
> movie to Revolution?
> I know there's a hotSpotClicked message for QTVRs, but I don't know if 
> that's also sent with clicks on wired sprites.

There is a "qtdebugstring" message that can be used...

This is reliable but requires that the movies are created accordingly,
means does not work right out of the box...

> If not, Trevor, you got something for that in your QT externals?

"qtExecuteSpriteEvent" and "qtGetSpriteVariable" in the external, but 
this also
requires that the movies are "prepared" accordingly...

Hope that helps...

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