Scrollbars and LittleArrows

Arthur Urban aturban at
Sun Sep 5 13:58:50 EDT 2004

Thanks to everybody that has chimed in over these issues I've been having;
what a great resource! I've learned much from your experiences. I did
discover on my own that a negative lineInc will be generated when the
endValue is smaller than the startValue. I have also learned that I must set
the thumbSize prior to any other settings or my thumbPosition values come
back completely whacked.

My latest oddity is that my littlearrows never reaches its endValue. If I
have a control with a startValue of 1 and an endValue of 10, the
thumbPosition always stops at 9. I was wondering if this was due to the
thumbSize being 1? But then shouldn't my thumbPositional also stop at 2?

While the Revolution docs are fairly good, I'm finding that in many regards
they assume way too much prior knowledge about how things work.

~~~ Arthur

"Never interrupt your enemy while he is making a mistake."

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