Project Builder Question (External Related)

K nnoydb at
Sun Sep 5 13:38:08 EDT 2004

I am sorry for my Project Builder ignorance I am used to using Code Warrior (*NIX development) and Visual Studio (Win32 Development).  I seems to be experiencing linking problems with the stanard C/C++ library. 

Simple example:

NOTE: This is a C version I experience simular problems with may c++ version.

#include <stdlib.h>

void somefunction( <revolution/mc signature>)
  int  result ;
  char *mcResult_ptr = calloc( (sizeof(int)*8+1), sizeof(char) ) ;

  //Do something..

  itoa( result, mcResult_ptr, 10 ) ;


Here even though itoa is included via stdlib.h the linker will be unable to locate it.  I assume the glibc/c-lib is  not being linked.  How do I correct this in Project Builder? 



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