And the Preferences MenuItem has problems too!

Klaus Major klaus at
Sun Sep 5 06:17:40 EDT 2004

Bonjour François,

> Hello again!
> So, in the documentation, for the sepcial "Preferences" MenuItem on  
> OSX,  we
> can read:
> " If your application's user interface is presented in a language  
> other than
> English, set the name of the Edit menu button to "Edit", and set its  
> label
> to the correct translation. This ensures that the engine can find the  
> Edit
> menu, while making sure that the menu is shown in the correct  
> language."
> I tell
> "Set the label of btn "Edit" of group "Menubar 1" to "Edition"
> In this case, the Preference menuitem on OSX stays on the Edit menu  
> and not
> in the Application Menu like it should be!
> If I leave the menu Edit with the label "Edit", all is fine.

Does this happen WITH or WITHOUT that namely empty folder "xyz.lproj"?

Maybe they don't work together...

> Amicalement
> François
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