What about the quit menuitem in standalone with 2.5?

Troy Rollins troy at rpsystems.net
Fri Sep 3 15:11:10 EDT 2004

On Sep 3, 2004, at 2:48 PM, Kevin Miller wrote:

>> The RunRev stance of
>> trying to keep such discussions out of this list will also keep
>> professional developers out of this list, since we are quite 
>> accustomed
>> to open discussion of any usage issues regarding the tools we work
>> with.
> Note that our professional developers do have additional access to the
> additional improve list resource, which the development team monitors
> closely.

This is true, though it has a (fairly) focused intention of being aimed 
at future versions and betas - as it should. There are a number of 
"professional" developers here on this list who are not part of that 
one, as well.

I don't argue your points on Bugzilla use at all, only the apparent 
chastising of those who choose to bring issues here first for 
confirmation. I think they have a pretty typical reaction - something 
doesn't seem to work right, hit the list and ask around. Crashes of 
course, are pretty darn likely a bug.

That said, I'll request directly the consideration of providing a 
professional developer's list for those with current licenses for 
studio or above. While DC is an awesome thing for RunRev, it has the 
potential of being less awesome for pro developers who need to be 
focused. One list really does not suit all needs. Frankly, I'm not too 
inclined to hang out on a list with the dreamcarder who wants to make a 
Pokemon database as his 6th grade science project. I have nothing 
against them, but I also don't buy the Enterprise edition for hobby 
programming.  Having this list as the only discussion list for all 
things Dreamcard and Revolution is too big a melting pot which dilutes 
the overall usefulness of the list for everyone involved, at whatever 

RPSystems, Ltd.

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